Check out this awesome wheelie by Petter Carlberg. Incredible!


I also got an sms from Mister Stuka (Jonas Uland) today.He managed to do a 11,77 @ 186,66 Km/h pass at Tullinge today with his 356 Porsche. Respect!


I guess they both run those incredible Swedish JPM heads!


Click on the picture to see the wheelie king in action



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This season is over, resulting in only one day of racing for me this year. But what a day it was! All problems are now forgotten, an I am looking forward to the 2007 season with joy.


I would not have made it without help from good friends, and my special thanks goes to Kim for helping me out in the garage and keeping the spirit up, John Georg for lending me his trailer, Lars Erik for solving the problem with the fu.... Empi alu case, Morten for rebuilding my engine, and last but not least, Stian for helping me out with solutions that made the car pass the Motorsport Assosiations technical inspection.


I really appreciate it guys    A big hug to my wife and kids too. They live with my VW madness every day!   


This picture is from my 12,252 @ 165,14 run with a 1,220 60 foot time. It's obvious that the time started on the rear wheels.   



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